Simdog and Naked Princess are in the House!


Two totally different lines!!  We have Simdog: edgy and chic.  Dress it up or down, just an all around fun tee.  AWWW Naked Princess, sensual candles, lovely scented lotion, lip balm and a beautiful gift set with a sample of all three plus some body powder!!    

Come by and check it out!!!   


To Market, To Market!

Now that the great shopping expedition of 2013 is behind us we are looking forward to September 10th, the day we open our doors. We know all the effort will be worth it once we connect our first customer with something they LOVE and you can bet the moment that happens and our front door closes behind them, store some sort of ridiculous happy store owner - victory dance of joy will be in effect.

Should you happen to be that customer and want to see us looking ridiculous I suggest pretending to leave and then coming back to peak in the windows. 

Here's a little page from our sketchbook from this years 2013 Dallas market. Notice that we got all our shopping done and still had time to pose for our picture in an awesome miniature tipi.

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