Holiday shopping time is approaching and we have planned a way to make it a fun day out by taking all the stress out! Pure shopping joy is our end goal.
- cool local boutiques so you can feel good about shopping locally
- each stop on our tour is giving you special treatment and great deals
- we chauffeur you around. so you don't have to park, feed meters, drive or worry.
- we start our tour with bubbly and snacks so you won't get hungry
- we end our excursion with custom gift wrapping included as a freebie when you book.
- we provide support and honest feedback to help you find just the right thing
- you get to just enjoy the ride, the company, and the shopping!

When: Saturday November 16th from 1pm to 4pm
We will start the tour at our location: 1938 Grand Ave.
To join us just call and book a spot: 406-272-6774


What's that you say, Jenee?

photo 4.jpg

My lovely gal-pal and fellow blogger, Jenee Naquin shared the invite I designed for her today on her super fun blog. I constantly check her  blog for her fashion cliff notes and to learn sexy french phrases. She's such a stylish and lovely creature. You can see the results of our shared efforts if you click here.


DIY - what a blast!


On top of having such a lovely evening last night at our Hair wrap & accessory workshop here at Better to Gather we also had the pleasure of being written about by the talent (Jodie) at Billings365 last night. To re-cap here are some pics of our group and what we made. *not pictured here the lovely Jessica Baldwin who also participated.

Check out the post about our craft and the re-cap of our night here!
If you want to get in on the action check out our upcoming events here by clicking on "EVENTS CALENDAR" We have so many more fun workshops coming up be one of the first to come and check them out!

xo - Cassie


A Seat at the Table - Farm Dinner at White Deer Ranch

A beautiful harvest moon, a crisp fall evening, a farm and garden tour from Lee Dunn, a good old fashioned bonfire, a lesson on foraging for native plants, an adorable lady named Lena wearing vintage clothing and serving wine, Lovely conversation under the eaves of a simple half shed, glowing candlelight atop shed antler candelabras, antique heirloom lace tablecloths, table side service from the team at Montana Jacks, and a belly-full of amazing food from the truly creative chef, Chris Lockhart.

I'm still remembering what a truly pleasant night I passed last evening and it gives me such bliss to know that I was part of it. Creating intimate moments of connection is one of the joys of my life and last nights gathering was a success. A warm thank you to those who were in attendance last night and to those who couldn't make it this time (since we sold out so darn fast). Email me at so I can personally keep you well informed about the next dinner and make sure that you'll have a seat the table. 

I'll leave you with a great quote by Joel Salatin and some images of the Farm and the community surrounding White Deer Ranch. I hope it gives your heart a tug and gets you excited for fall. Cheers Everybody!

Lead Coordinator with Better to Gather Events


Elbow Grease, Caffine, & Lots of help

We've been gettin by but not without a little help from our friends! The reward for our hard work is a store that's nearly ready and full of fun touches and more then a few crooked shelves. It will be nice to be done nailing the last nail and patching the last hole so we can finally get all the tools out of the shop and start getting the inventory onto the shelves. We have some really wonderful things starting to arrive and we just can hardly wait to share them. Below is a little collage of photos from our phones taken over the last week. It's been a sweaty blur more to come soon!