Holiday shopping time is approaching and we have planned a way to make it a fun day out by taking all the stress out! Pure shopping joy is our end goal.
- cool local boutiques so you can feel good about shopping locally
- each stop on our tour is giving you special treatment and great deals
- we chauffeur you around. so you don't have to park, feed meters, drive or worry.
- we start our tour with bubbly and snacks so you won't get hungry
- we end our excursion with custom gift wrapping included as a freebie when you book.
- we provide support and honest feedback to help you find just the right thing
- you get to just enjoy the ride, the company, and the shopping!

When: Saturday November 16th from 1pm to 4pm
We will start the tour at our location: 1938 Grand Ave.
To join us just call and book a spot: 406-272-6774


To Market, To Market!

Now that the great shopping expedition of 2013 is behind us we are looking forward to September 10th, the day we open our doors. We know all the effort will be worth it once we connect our first customer with something they LOVE and you can bet the moment that happens and our front door closes behind them, store some sort of ridiculous happy store owner - victory dance of joy will be in effect.

Should you happen to be that customer and want to see us looking ridiculous I suggest pretending to leave and then coming back to peak in the windows. 

Here's a little page from our sketchbook from this years 2013 Dallas market. Notice that we got all our shopping done and still had time to pose for our picture in an awesome miniature tipi.

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