Why you should Shop!


Admittedly shopping doesn't always seem like a worthy cause but here's the thing it actually is! Your city is made up of hundreds of small business each supporting the lively hood of many people. Those small shops benefit your community in ways you might not even realize. Take us for example, we donate all the clothes we don't sell to local shelters, teens and women from backgrounds of abuse? Or take Bottega, for instance they are throwing fashion show on Dec. 6th to build wells in Africa? These places around you they have heart and they are part of what makes your city unique.

Small business saturday is coming up this month on November 30th and we thought a great way to honor that this month was by SHOPPING. So we chose a few local boutiques, reached out and boy did they deliver! They have offered some really great deals to our Shop-a-thon tour and even if you don't find anything you wanted to buy (which is totally fine - no pressure) then you'll still be supporting the local TipsyTrolley which makes sure people don't drive drunk! So vote with your wallet by supporting the small shops and the local people who strive to make your city the cool, weird, wonderful place it is!

WE have worked to make our day excursion a fun EXPERIENCE! Because that's what Better to Gather believes in and what we are striving toward. Creating moments of connection and fun gatherings for women and families. So come, ride a trolley, get a little jolly, throw back some champagne, try a mini cupcake, have a hay day, be glad that you came, get off your booty and do your civic duty! Shop Billings! 

Here are the announced sponsors & participating boutiques in this event:
Meridian Boutique LTD.
Montana Vintage
Joy of Living & Joy of Kids
Better Together
Purl Yarn Boutiqe