Holiday shopping time is approaching and we have planned a way to make it a fun day out by taking all the stress out! Pure shopping joy is our end goal.
- cool local boutiques so you can feel good about shopping locally
- each stop on our tour is giving you special treatment and great deals
- we chauffeur you around. so you don't have to park, feed meters, drive or worry.
- we start our tour with bubbly and snacks so you won't get hungry
- we end our excursion with custom gift wrapping included as a freebie when you book.
- we provide support and honest feedback to help you find just the right thing
- you get to just enjoy the ride, the company, and the shopping!

When: Saturday November 16th from 1pm to 4pm
We will start the tour at our location: 1938 Grand Ave.
To join us just call and book a spot: 406-272-6774