Here are our suggestions for how to accomplish sophisticated styling on a tight budget:

1. Find one thing about you that is extraordinary and make it a focal of your look.
2. Look outside of the bridal industry for your dress.
3. Consider an alternative to a veil
4. Be prepared to DIY or borrow something
5. Do test runs of your own hair and make up and pick something simple that suits you that you can easily master. 

If you are willing to do a little extra work it can save you a lot of extra money. Styling that is simple and not fussy allows your unique beauty to become the focal of the day rather then a designer dress or expensive accessories. If you do decide to splurge on these things then go for heirloom quality and keep coming back to the question, "Will I cherish this and will I use it more than once? 

Our Budget Breakdown:

Dress BHLDN (purchased used on ebay) $160
eyelashes Ardell#10 - $3
shoes: payless $21.99
Accessories: vintage (something borrowed)
crowning glory: DIY materials $10
Total: $193

With the money left over we purchased a beautiful lace tablecloth for her bridal photos and it's something she can use to set the table with after the day of the wedding for romantic anniversary dinners for years to come.


Bride Styled by: Cassie LaGreca of Better To Gather Events
Bride Photographed by: Erin Sweeney of Sweeney Photography
Beautiful Bride: Jacqueline Hodge