Storefront In Progress


As you can see we've started the process of re-designing our store front. It's been very gratifying to start from scratch and to see how much you can transform a space, with a budget in mind. Would I rather be transforming a space with an unlimited budget? Well yeah of course - that's the dream! The reality of living this dream however is that we are on a budget, or as Stacey likes to joke we're "Bitch*s on a budget." In many ways, budget solutions can be just as rewarding because you surprise even yourself with how creative you can be within a set framework of limitations, and you feel very clever for having been able to stick to a set goal.

I've been very proud of both Stacey and I because we are tackling this thing together. Each day is full of mishaps and a few set backs. First some kid shot a bb through our store window so we had to replace it - OUCH $$$ dollars. Then my fearless partner undertook cleaning our dingy storefront and repainting the trim. While having this rosie-the-riveter moment, a few more things deviated from the plan, like a min-pin named Winston who decided that paint cans on the front walkway should be tipped over so he could get some attention! So poor Stacey's day became an episode of I Love Lucy: chasing around a painted pooch and all in pursuit of one pesky dream. So there may be a few little paw prints and paint spills on our front walkway to greet you when first you come to visit our store but hey, those add personality and remind you that the pulsing heart behind this thing isn't a perfect sleek conglomerate but rather two messy lovely ladies trying to bring you something unique.

Labor of love or Loves labors lost you be the judge and check our our before/after transformation photo. xoxo