Thankful - A week in review


1.) Saved a Dress: One of the most wonderful thing that's happening right now as I slowly grow this business is I am starting to develop fledgling relationships with people I didn't even know before I started this. People who have been brought in to my life through Better To Gather like this sweet mother and daughter!  People are starting to call me with their creative emergencies which is kinda awesome! these ladies knew that I love to re-vamp clothing and thought maybe I could lend a hand shortening the straps on a pretty dancing dress. Turns out together we did just that and Voila a new dancing dress ready for action! I can't wait to see the pictures.

2.) Admiration Society: It's no surprise that there are so many whip smart women out there building small business. They struggle, they have moments of panic and doubt and then they prove stronger. No matter what else is going on in their lives, they open their shops, set up the booths, make the strong coffee and connect with the people who walk through the door. This little lady, Ren, was one of the first to walk in our doors. She is such a truly talented and sweet woman. Her knitting shop has become a source of inspiration and a comfort circle for many women in the area. I admire her and that fuels me. Learn more about her store by clicking here. In addition to Ren so many other amazing women came out for this weekends market hosted by the junior league of Billings. Thanks ladies you had me smiling all weekend long watching you bust butt! which brings me to my next point.

3.) You gotta hustle: Okay so it's weird to tell everyone you meet at market everything, 10% off, or hey were new in town! You feel like you are coming on too strong but you also realize that there is no other way they'll ever find out if you don't put it out there. So you gotta just do it. Bite the bullet and put it out there.

4.) Make it fun: I love doing my workshops and I really love the response I get at the end of a workshop when the people who came together shared a creative, good time. This group of ladies was a blessing, they were all so sweet and such good sports. We had a few laughs about sniffing glue, and getting our hands dirty and ultimately they reminded me of why I love doing this. 

So that's my week in review and a few of the things I'm grateful for - what about you?