Look what we did last night! 


This Friday we built a pop-up-shop! Which entailed loading a bunch of Cassie's vintage-chic props out storage unit and into our van, selecting some of our pretty things from the Better Together Boutique, and heading down to the Billings Depot. The two of us assembled it all into a fun drop in and shop experience for the attendees of the Taste of Billings. It would have been nice to have a pair of magic elves to do all of this for us but as luck would have it those are hard to find short notice. Instead we relied upon the magical powers of sugar! It was nice to get out there and mingle. We met quite a few new and very nice folks last night and we were grateful for the exposure and the night out. Thanks to the ladies from Radio Billings for sneaking us some yummy food, keeping us organized and helping us unload our van! A huge virtual hug to our new shoppers who helped make the night both memorable and worth the effort! For those of you who missed it Here are a few pictures from last night! 

Cass & Stace