Last week I was feeling real flashy and celebratory because my new i-phone 5s arrived in the mail. I was patiently uploading all my old data, re-entering all my contacts and passwords and when at last I was nearly done somewhere mid victory dance I noticed, "hey wait this thing doesn't fit in my old case anymore?" My i-phone new and improved had also gotten too big for it's britches. Once my minute long pouting session concluded I realized that when life hands you apples that's when you make apple-juice. 

So lets design it better! and because it's what we do round here lets design it together! 

You can sign up for the workshop and we'll make use of your instagram pics, facebook photos, and any images on your phone, camera or flash drive and then we create a custom one-of-a-kind phone case designs by manipulating, images and text. Once we have something you love, we send the digital files off to be printed on your new case via (casetagram so check to make sure they have your phone case available) and only 10-15 days later delivered strait to your door is your new case!

If you have a phone loving teen get them a gift-certificate to come to the shop and design-it-themselves (with yours truly) it'll give them a few basic graphic design pointers and they'll create a new phone case at the same time. 
Register by clicking  here or call me at: 406-647-0835