Stacey LaGreca - Owner and Operator, Better Together Boutique

Cassie LaGreca - Owner/Designer,Better To Gather Events.

Cassie is a graphic designer, coming from Chicago with over 10 years experience in graphic design and event coordination. She does all design for the store. She is the mastermind behind all the creative DIY workshops held in the event space. She also designed the boutique and comes up with all ideas fordisplay and merchandising.

Holly Lutes - Owner/Designer, Rust & Rhinestones

 Most of the Jewelry is one of a kind, but also has a line of fun and funky jewelry that is “antiqued” or retro. One of her favorite things is working with someone on a custom order using their own family heirlooms. Each piece has a little story to tell.

Nikki Edmondson - Owner/Designer of Canty Boots

Canty Boots are original one-of-a-kind boot that are made by hand with love and detail. Made in Montana, these boots are a must for every wardrobe. They look great with jeans, leggings and dresses.

Ashley Dunkelberger - The Brooklyn

Brice LaGreca - Owner/Artist, MT Forge