4 Ways to Style Our Test Tube Vases

We like to mix long and round guest tables in our client's floor plans for many reasons. While traditional floral and candlelit centerpieces fit like a glove on round tables we encourage our clients to talk with their florist about some fun outside the box ideas for their long guest table centerpieces. We have a handful of vases and centerpiece decor items in our inventory that when enhanced with floral from our client's florist, come to life in a very fun an unique way that often expresses the client's unique design aethetic.

Our test tube vases are extremely versatile and prove to be an awesome low profile centerpiece element for long guest tables.  

Here are 4 ways to style our test tube vases for your upcoming event: 

1) Showcase Individual Stems

Talk with your florist about showcasing some individual loose greens and/or floral stems to add into the individual test tubes to line your long guest tables with a some color and texture. 

2) Make A Statement Piece 

If you are looking to make a statement try going with the unexpected like adding some gilded greens fall foliage or something else that is unique to your event's style to the test tubes. 

3) Mix in Something Personal

Mixing floral and greens from your florist with some prints of your favorite photos really brings your personality right to your tables. Another fun idea to get your guests talking, would be to print some "Did you know" facts about your event's VIPS. 

4) Use as A Bud Vase

Use each individual test tube as a mini bud vase to create a low profile full floral piece that really fills your long guest table. Multiple green and floral textures from your florist really allows for a lush floral effect. 

Discuss options and availability with your Better to Gather Events designer. 


The moment we met with Megan, the bride, her mom, and sister we knew this was going to be a blast. Megan and Eric wanted to make sure their September 2017 wedding day was fun for their closest family and friends. The date they chose was very special to them as it was also the bride’s parent’s 38th Wedding anniversary, and while her father had passed away years prior, he was very much there in spirit celebrating with them. The Billings Depot was the perfect venue for their romantic wedding day. 

When we initially met with Megan to discuss her initial ideas for her wedding decor, she just wanted to make sure the design for their day felt romantic with a touch of vintage flair.

Guests were drawn into the reception by the inviting glow of the warm bistro lighting and custom edison bulb pendant lights that lined the ceiling above the guest tables. Curtains of lights, soft fabric draping and vintage frames made a memorable and romantic focal backdrop for the evening. The newlyweds cuddled closely at the head of a large wood kings table while they soaked in all the love from their guests during dinner and toasts. The evening smoothly moved to the dancefloor where everyone danced the night away to the energetic music being played their live band, El Wencho.


Wedding Dress, Designer Hayley Paige; Bridal Shop, Belle en Blanc; Catering, Montana Jacks; Live Band, El Wencho; Venue, The Billings Depot; Event Design & Decor, Better to Gather; Florist, Amanda Hill (Family Friend); Photographer, Miranda Murdock; Jewelery, Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers; Hair, Kelly Gilbert; Mensware, Step‘n Out; Linens, Tablecloth Factory; Wood Tables, Montana Harvest Tables